Yersinia freezes when I start it

Started by ThaBuddha, July 29, 2013, 11:31:49 PM

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Hy there,

When I start yersinia with "yersinia -I" i get stuck at the startscreen.
There is just the notification window with "Warning: interface eth0 selected as the default one" and that's it. I can rape my keyboard but I can't get any further.  :'(
Is anybody having the same problem? Or maybe anyone have a solution for that issue?



it says on the FAQ page:

"Arrgggghhh!!! The proggy crashes 'ad infinitum', is this a f*ck*n' sh*t?
First of all thanks a lot for your invaluable opinion... :-P On the other hand, we are *NOT* professional developers... By the way, have you noticed the proggy version (0.5.x)? :-P"

Doesn't look like a proper open source project to work with. Try using something else (Scapy?).


but there is some hope if you dare

"Where can I get help?
There is no official support for yersinia, but you can try to send an e-mail to and wait if something happens"


Thank you for the fast response.
I will try scapy