Author Topic: How I can get the Orange slide/theme, icons bottom bar BackBox 3.05 on BB 3.09  (Read 2905 times)


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Hi to all

I do have a Thinkpad T60 32bit, I would like to get the Orange them or slide:) e.g. icons by the bottom bar or other installed
in BackBox 3.05 on BackBox 3.09 32bit I have installed.

If I could install the version 3.05 I could find those package but I cannot, please, is there anyone could help me to get the
list of 3.05 packages and pass them on to me?

I do love more the Orange color and icons....and everything of the 3.05 but I do not have a 64bit lap and so I cannot enjoy it.

I would like to thanks all BackBox team for the very ossom job, way to go guys!




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Hi man,

If you need more themes, you can download and install them:

And if you want, go to Settings and play with your them settings preinstalled with backbox. Orange is not standard them for long time. Now we are blue :)

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


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Thanks for your reply!

Understood about blue:)

Please, do you have a minute? Just visit softpedia and check for Backbox download. You will see the bottom bar with nice orange icon and even the menu comes with an orange slide:)

Are you so kind to tell me what packages I need to install on my BackBox 32bit?

Because the nice orange version is a 64bit:(

I would greatly appreciate your time and kindness to get those packages.

Thanks a lot!



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those screenshots are from version 1 i think... they are not 3.09. Now that desktop theme is no longer available.
Anyways if you are interested in the orange icon theme, i think it's gnome-human-icon-theme, you can install it with apt-get.
You can look on the web if you can find that wallpaper and other things to customize BackBox like you want.


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