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Started by DFkT, May 07, 2012, 11:53:31 PM

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having a slight issue with armitage while trying to import my scan results in xml format

[-] Failed to import /home/cap-n/dev/work/local-scan.xml: Could not import due to missing Nokogiri parser. Try 'gem install nokogiri'.

nokogiri seems to be installed. ive even tried to reinstall.

anyone else experiencing this same issue and is there a fix known?



Let's try to see what is going on, but there are so many possibility ! To start say me next :

1. BBox 2.05 ?
2. What you get when you type on terminal gem list ? Copy and paste to and post your link !

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


BB 2.05 list of installed gems

i already made sure nokogiri was installed
havent updated msf or anything this is just a default installation.

been trying to find the cause of this issue for a few days now so any help would be appreciated


Ok, i see !

I talked with armitage developer, and he said me that problems comes from MSF. But what i have found around nokogiri can be blocked by some firewalls and you can't make XML file (idea comes from some users).

When i have problems like this :

1. I download last version from site, and i install same in /tmp/test folder !
2. If i get error's i write to dev team to update their package.

Update me and we will do our best !

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


FIRST off thanks for the great input ZEROF AND going out of his way to chat to the armitage devs

**NOTE guys I live in root and Ive notice  I keep forgetting about the user that does'nt use root and I leave out sudo commands here and       there so anything I write use a root terminal use su to get a root terminal

ok looking at your paste you have two versions installed

with some gems this can cause a conflict i.e warvox there is some gems that you need to install the earlier version then update
or it will not run ... this is an example of using the running different versions of gems

lets make sure you are running ruby 1.9.3

rvm list | if grep -e "1.9.3" > /dev/null ; then echo "We are in buisness";else echo "Opps we are running some old ass ruby";fi

if the output is "We are in buisness" then you are running ruby 1.9.3  ;D
if the output is  "Opps we are running some old ass ruby" then you are running 1.9.2 and advise to upgrade as 1.9.3 loads the metasploit modules faster

but you can do that later lets continue !!!!

remove nokogiri and install the latest

gem uninstall nokogiri    ##  answer yes to remove both versions
gem cleanup all
gem install nokogiri --version=1.5.5

if you still have issues please post and the community will get to the bottom of his