Persistent USB on MAC.

Started by k4ranger, February 11, 2014, 10:47:17 PM

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Like the topic says.. Is this possible with Backbox? I just found out that "Mac Linux USB Loader" makes it possible to install a bootable Live USB  with a Linux dist. on Intel EFI MACs. Im in the proccess of trying out Backbox as soon as the download is complete. But is there anyone who can tell me if there's a way of making it a persistent USB?


Hi k4ranger,

I'm not MAC user, but your question is very basic and usual Linux users don't ask question like that. In this case google is your best friend, a lot of free bootable programs can be found. Check some tutorial like this one:

End free tools like UNetbootin.

If you need more search on google with "mac making bootable usb" etc...

Good luck !

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


It's been a while since I used Linux and I admit i'm newbie and its a basic question. But, i wouldn't post such a question if I hadn't already searched the almighty google. It seems to bee a know problem i the MAC- Linux area that Linux has problems in loading USB sticks on Intel MACs due to the EFI. However since I recently discovered the MAC Linux USB loader this have changed. I Have successfully installed 13.10 ubuntu dist. and made a live USB stick. Since Backbox is based on Ubuntu i thought this was a valid question to post here? And since Backbox became known to me I've always wanted to try it out.

I've now tried to make a bootable USB stick with Backbox without luck. Seems to be some issue with video driver?


Hi,it is better to make partition in hard drive and install back box straight away to become back box user if you like it.