Hey guys i have a serious problem

Started by sanfranla49, July 20, 2013, 08:27:17 PM

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so i got cuda installed tookit and the samples got bumblebee up and runing cuz i have an optimus system with a discrete gpu so here's my question i went to pyrit after installing cpyrit with cuda and for some reason when i list the cores its just showing up my cpu cores which is 9 but my gru cores arent showing up anyone heard of this or kno of a fix it would be greatly appreciated thanks!!


you are asking for support on an international forum where most of the people are not from an english language country, so please:

  • read the disclaimer;
  • don't use slang;
  • write in clear english language;
  • using punctuation marks from time to time wouldn't hurt.

This being said, i cannot understand what you are looking for... please be clear.
Thanks and have fun!
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Well I Have Backbox and I have a Intel Hd3000 Gpu with a Nvidia GT 525m which is known as a Optimus system.
I've installed Cuda Toolkit 5.0 along with bumblebee to be able to run the discrete Gpu which is the Nvidia for cracking.
As you know Backbox comes installed with pyrit well I compiled and installed the cuda support for pyrite.
I ran the pyrit with cuda support using optirun the command in bumblebee to use the Cuda gpu but my cuda cores isn't
showing up when I run "sudo optirun pyrit list_cores" so I don't know what the problem is so I was looking for help
because im new to Backbox and I figured that the fourms here would be a good place if you can help I would appreciate it THANKS!!