Backbox & full disk encryption

Started by netsec, December 11, 2013, 02:33:04 AM

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Love BackBox but one thing that is keeping me from using it as my primary pen-testing box is the lack of full disk encryption during installation.

In certain situations encrypting just the users home directory isn't enough.

Can we please get an option to do full disk encryption in the next release?

It doesn't have to be enabled by default but please give us that option.

It's 2013, no reason not to have full disk encryption option in the installer.

Thank you.

Apologize if this has been asked before.


what is the point of having the full disk encrypted?
I mean what secret keeps the OS to encrypt it?

It is an ope source linux distro and it is open to everybody, if you want to encrypt your data then you can easily as you do in any other linux distro. Otherwise, why creating that much trouble for the hard drive which will slows significantly the drive.

However, if you are keen to encrypt your full OS then use truecrypt.

Please do some search before posting here basic queries.

I mean, we love to help people and we are here to support everybody, but please, no qustions that waste the time.

Many thanks


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