Portuguese Brazilian language support- why not on the default distro?

Started by portaro, September 12, 2012, 11:55:31 PM

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With a start of a new Backbox, i think backbox can be add the support of language portuguese to the desktop interface, to users dont need reinstall locales to put portuguese interface on their BackBox's .

Im portuguese and i understand medium English, excelent Spanish, some italian words and french a little.

The launchpad have any  page to translate the menus or tools?



Not really,
we hadn't thought about that. will discuss this issue internally with our team and see what we can do.

However, you can use/install the lang package once you've the system installed with one of the lang listed, as you mentioned earlier yourself.



 ;D ohoho amazing this is good, many thanks for considerer POrtuguese / Brazilian people on distro.

I wait you new release, i thinking down once more the backbox 2 but for use one month, i prefer wait for your new ISO, and Xfce is the best choice your team did.

I need backbox 3 eheh, many thanks for your fast answer. ;D ;D ;D


Quote from: portaro on September 12, 2012, 11:55:31 PM

The launchpad have any  page to translate the menus or tools?


Yes you assign a team to do the translations for you. most .po files are generated on there own. read more about that here https://help.launchpad.net/Translations/StartingToTranslate

Most team's pick up on new translation items in less then 64 hours

But here is the real question

do you program C in  Portuguese / Brazilian
what about perl python C++ heck any programming languages

There is a reason why most distro's start out in english. I have not installed backbox and am not much of a pentester but I am a programmer and I do know that in the  ubiquity install there should be a option to pick you language