Author Topic: Arp poisoning with Scapy and web request spoofed with Paros && Another  (Read 40487 times)


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Whenever I get a chance I create some video tutorials for 2 main reasons....the time it takes is less than creating an article on my blog and I publish only video and therefore I sponsor also backbox

Below are my video tutorials on backbox that i have publicly shared:

I welcome any suggestions or judgements including ideas for improvement....

[...original post...]
Ogni tanto creo qualche video per un paio di motivi ... ci metto meno a scrivere articoli sul mio blog e pubblico
solo il video XD e sponsorizzo backbox :)

Ecco i miei video che ho pubblicato su backbox:

Qualsiasi consiglio critica e magari idea è ben accettata :)
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Mille grazie!!!!! :D :D



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Purtroppo i link non sono più raggiungibili....


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I made update for links !

Cheers !

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


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can you translate what you say in english language please we don't understand