Started by sagat, October 06, 2011, 09:00:23 PM

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Unicornscan is a new information gathering and correlation engine built for and by members of the security research and testing communities. It was designed to provide an engine that is Scalable, Accurate, Flexible, and Efficient. It is released for the community to use under the terms of the GPL license.




i would like to request Unicornscan to be included into BB. nmap sure is the best port scanner around but i feel unicornscan is a bit faster and also you should never rely on just 1 tool for a task.

I found one orphaned thread regarding unicornscan which never was answered. Maybe i have more luck with this :)




hey lads,
thanks for your proposal and feedback regarding unicornscan.

As most of you already know that one of the main target of BB is avoiding redundancies, by including tools with similar functionality. I am not sure that we'd be able to remove nmap and replace it with unicornscan. So definitely I'd exclude the integration of it as a default installation tool. But we can include in repositories and the users will be able/free to install/use which one they'd like.

I hope this solution is suitable for anyone as I can't see any alternative....

nmap is very powerful network scanner and I don't think unicornscan can be compared to it....

Thanks again for your support.

Happy Hacking!


To clarify it - if the question is nmap OR unicornscan i would definitely vote for nmap. But should you also have an alternative for a tool, especially network scanners which are relative "easy" but offer you some of the most important informations.
Sure, you could also use msf auxiliary modules to crosscheck findings but the speed is really slow with them.

So i would like to see both, nmap and us :) Should not waste too much space anyway.