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Started by b4d_bl0ck, March 28, 2013, 12:11:43 PM

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Oh ok, as you can guess i'm not going to request a tool for our dear BackBox distro, but a feature for the forum, so move the discussion elsewhere if i missed the right section...

I was wondering what do you think about setting a chatbox panel (i see Simple Machines forum engine supports it) in which users can talk together in real time, to get/offer help rapidly, or simply exchange some ideas for fun and profit  :P
I know there is an IRC channel, but i think lots of users don't want or don't know how to jump in it, or they even ignore its existsence.
So i'd like to ask the users, and especially the admins who know the hosting limits, if there is the possibility to set up this stuff, considering the extra bandwidth and the increased load for the server.
Anyway this should not replace the forum role, because threads are persistent and could help other users in future, but i think could help to avoid threads becoming too long and messy.
So, what about? Just curious of what you think.  ;)

Enjoy BackBox and have fun!
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I'd say it is though thing to do man!
It is not that practicable but not bad the idea and thanks for that.

However, the browser version of chat is available and the chat room will be duplicate of what you are just proposed. I'd rather insist to get users in chat room. The chat room is very quite because nobody comes and often a few people doesn't find anybody to reply to their queries. But if we make it active and busier with the users participation the trick will work.

Therefore, my suggestion will be using chatroom instead.

Thanks anyway.

Happy Hacking!



i really like IRC. I think it is the best you can have - also you have to take care of some things (registering the chat room, no auto admin atc).

Isn't there a IRC client to use from the board? For phpBB3 there is pjirc which is a client for IRC. Shouldn't be too hard to find - for example this one:




Oh yes ostendali, you are right, it would be redundant and senseless. i know IRC room is a good thing, maybe the best, and personally i join it some times, but each time i find few people in there, so i was reflecting on why this happens end how to "fix" this. Maybe could be that IRC channel is a bit un-advertised for a user that land on the forum for the first time. So we could think to a way to inform users advertising that...
Just a thought.

Have a nice 0wnag3.
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