EasyBox WPA2 Key Generator

Started by b1n0ry, June 17, 2013, 07:28:06 PM

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Hello guys,

first post, first request  ;)

I am sure you have heard about the EasyBox-Routers disaster (made by Arcadyan).
It is possible to calculate the stock WPA2 key just out of the MAC of these devices. (Brilliant guys @ Arcadyan)
These Routers literally dominate the streets here in Germany, because they are delivered by Vodafone.
www.wotan.cc discovered it and they even set up a website where you can calculate the passes. (http://www.wotan.cc/easybox_keygen.php)
On his website he offers the source codes for this calculations in many programming languages.
(http://www.wotan.cc/?p=6 - EasyBox Keygen Quellcodes)

Maybe you can implement this script to future releases of backbox.
You can even choose between asm/bas/bat/c/java/php/py/sh ^^

I searched the forum for "easybox" but didn't get any result. So excuse me, if this already was requested.

kind regards