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Started by tolmie, June 20, 2014, 10:53:52 PM

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Hi guys, Im new to this forum and new to linux. I work in IT and thinking about doing the ethical hacker course. Im playing about with backbox and struggling. I'm doing this to learn and a bit of fun as I find security interesting. There are so many tools, here is what my aim is just now. I want to scan my own or neighbours(friend) wireless network, I want to be able to see the mac address etc and be able to try and crack the passwords. What tool should I concentrate on as there seem to be a few. As I learn it could be something I could offer to my works clients as I learn about security and how to tighten it up etc.


Hi tolmie,
Quote...There are so many tools...
...What tool should I concentrate on as there seem to be a few...
eheh, and BackBox is an already stripped down distro... i can imagine the mess you would be in using other well known heavy-loaded distros  ;D

Regarding wireless hacking, you are right, there are many tools. The most important one is certainly the Aircrack-ng suite, with which you can do great part of a wireless attack and analysis. The official website provides good documentation, with man pages and tutorials.
Also you may find useful and very clear this video course. There is both theoretical background as well as the practical side, and tha author is usually really good in explanations...

But you know, there are tons of articles, medias and materials online... just search. Or you can go deeper with rfcs and networking books.
Also, hope you have the permission of your friend when testing, otherwise this is not a nice thing.

Have fun!
bool secure = check_paranoia() ? true : false;



I've finished the course you are talking about  CEH) Certified Ethical Hacker, it was awesome of course be ready for a lot of information to take in.  I also finished the Security + course as well, thought I haven't passed the test yet  >:(   If security is your thing I would highly advise going for it like I did.  I have my Bachelors in Information Systems and Cyber Security, just recently graduated ( March 27, 2014)  I love everything about the Security field of IT.   If you want to Pen-test as we call it , try several different ones like Wifi Cracker, Wifite, and Reaver just to name a few.