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Started by Pi3141, April 26, 2018, 12:41:48 PM

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Hi, i have a problem with sendEmail, i would like to use my pc as a stmp server (in localhost), could someone help me?

sendemail -f -t -u ciao -m hey

apr 26 10:37:26 asus sendemail[5494]: ERROR => Connection attempt to localhost:25 failed: IO::Socket::INET6: connect: Connection refused


It's very simple, you do not have a SMTP server installed on your BackBox.

You have two alternatives:
1. Install and Configure PostFix (How TO:
2. Use an external SMTP server (es. sendemail -f -t -u subject -m "message" -s -o tls=yes -xu -xp gmailpassword)
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in order to send emails from your pc you do not necessarily need an smtp server.

either follow what drego85 suggested or simply install postfix "apt install posfix mailx && systemctl enable/start postfix" and simply send email i.e:

echo "Email test" | mail -s "This email sent : $( date '+%d/%m/%Y' ) from $( hostname )"

or look at mail command man page