reaver gets to 99985670 and repeats that pin forever

Started by JoeBlow, October 16, 2013, 04:04:54 AM

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Anyone know why?  Since 9998 is the LAST choice for the first four, perhaps somewhere along the way I passed by the correct first four?
I'm thinking of trying again, this time running reaver in reverse. I made a starter .wpc and named it with the target MAC. Inside I reversed the order of the list from 0001 up to 9998 so that it goes from 9998 down to 0001. The first three lines say 0 and there's a total of 11003 lines, is that correct? There's no empty line between 0001 and 567 (which used to be 9998 and then 567), should there be a blank line in between?


er... maybe it was 9985677 that it was stuck on, I think now...
Anyhow, while I wait for someone smart to help me out, I'm really thinking I passed the correct first four. Shouldn't I add the -N switch so that a M5/M7 timeout isn't counted as a "wrong entry" attempt?  (DANG, it sucks being dumb! lol)


425 views and no replies? I'm very new but I know the answer - You passed by the correct pin somewhere. -N hurt you since it counts timeouts as a negative acknowledgement (NACK aka NAK).
Try again with -n instead of -N but it still may not work - some AP's now use a random 8th digit instead of using the 8th digit for a checksum,
therefore defeating Reaver. Don't lose hope yet, though... someone a lot smarter than this hoser modified Reaver to be able to brute force
the last digit, check out reply number 57  here:
There's another program like Reaver called Bully-Master and it has option -B to brute force the final digit, but I haven't had any luck with bully yet, it just gives me timeouts. I'll re-reply if I have any news on Bully.
Good luck, Joe!