Pure bruteforce?

Started by utqual, July 29, 2012, 03:13:01 PM

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On backbox are there tools that allow pure brute force attacks? I mean, without dictionary? Sorry for my bad english :)


the vast majority of tools have both options bruteforce and  dictionary attack methods  


Can you tell me what are the main programs that allow it? On aircrack how to do it?


sorry for delay I was watching batman last knight rises  :P

ok well first off you want me to name programs thats do brute force comon please im here to help not
spend an entire hour telling you what programs do brute force and what doesnt LOOK AT THE SWTCHES !!

besides aircrack the below are a few examples


etc etc the list goes on

I see your looking to crack a simple wep key

next you want me to tell you how to crack a wep key

I would If there wasn't 10 million video's on it
but Id be wasting my time .. my advice forget gui and use shell you will learn nothing from gui-crackers
BUT .... if you want the easy way out use fern,gerix,aircack-gui,grimwepa

my heart says help my brain says let'em search backbox


but if you come across A problem when trying to crack it I will be more than happy to help you

Are you familiar with aircrack  ??? do you know how to capture packets , deauth etc etc etc


First of all thank you for responding ;) and sorry for these little stupid questions, but my pc (what I usually use with backbox) is broken, and I was more comfortable to ask directly.
However I already know how to use aicrack but I would like to know if can use bruteforce to crack WPA/WPA2 or there is only a dictionary attack?


no problem just though you were a "how do i crack my neighbors wifi guy " lol

ok you can use a couple of different methods

1 ) use cowpatty or airolib and batch and create a password database based on a ssid { slow }
2 ) use cuda and benefit from using your cpu and gpu for calculations  

you can do a drive by method with cuda :) i.e pass through method so instead of having to batch
a password list again'st an ssid you can pass the passwords through one at a time against
an ssid and depending on your nvidia card and amount of cuda cores it supports you could
be passing 20,000 pps {password per second } the better the card the higher the calculations
i.e tesla cards two of them bad boys and you will be eating passwords :)

both cow-patty and cuda support using a method of piping a password list through it but using cuda is
much faster

if you have any other questions on this Ill be happy to help you

BOTH methods can do brute force but as you will learn you have better odds at cracking
with a collection of wordlists than bruteforce as starting at


{ and when I say odds I mean Time wise }

etc etc it could take quite a while and you maybe lucky with the wordlist :) example if you were to create
a wpa brute force word list i.e all possible combinations lol you would need a large server hardrive and a super computer

here is a wpa word list  
13GB wpa wordlist torrent

you can break it down to 2GB lists for air-crack and cuda  there is a way around
the cuda method to support higher file size but you can also just keep piping it


Ok thanks for everything ;D I will continue looking for tutorial on google, however the link with the 13 GB wordlist not work :'(



what do you mean the link doesn't work  ::) I just clicked it and and tested the torrent

after being told the last link didn't work I just got another One and posted it


is your isp blocking torrent sites  ??? use vpn or tor etc etc

WHEN YOU CLICK THE LINK does it moan about magnet link ? this does not mean the link is not working it means firefox magnet link is not set ... you need to set it to false then set your new application i.e transmission.. to be used to open the magnet link google how to fix it IM not telling you !!!!!

I ALSO JUST CHECKED THE LAST LINK I posted and it also works

GUYS come'on get with the program  !!!! Its like pulling teeth with some of the members


ok thanks, now the link works :)


Any idea on a suitable program to concatinate several wordlists?


It's simple: cat wordlist1 wordlist2 > wordlist3
for delete the duplicate strings: awk '!x[$0]++' wordlist
for sort in alphabetic order: sort wordlist
and for generate your wordlist use John or crunch :)