Problem with Wash

Started by wget, June 11, 2014, 05:22:28 PM

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So... Any idea why Wash is not displaying anything on Backbox 3.13 for?

Following command used;
sudo airmon-ng start wlan0
Alfa Network AWUS036H gets put into monitor mode on mon0

then i ran;
sudo wash -i mon0

loads but display no networks around me that are vulnerable what?
Kali Linux lists networks around me that have WPS enabled on them
My Nexus 7 shows networks around me running WPS

However on Backbox no networks show up with Wash
Also it works fine on Backtrack linux aswell not sure whats up with Backbox and wash not sure if its a driver problem or what.


I never used an alfa adapter, so i can't help you. But are you sure you installed the correct drivers? Is it the only wireless adapter in use on your system? Also, is it a problem with long-range networks, or are there problems with nearby networks too?
bool secure = check_paranoia() ? true : false;


The only thing i can assume is that when i updated Backbox and upgraded the Kernel the patch might have broken my wireless card driver from being about to capture packets.

I've never really messed around with manually installing drivers before on linux so i wouldn't even know where to get the latest drivers for that card.

As i said its not able to pick up any networks that are about 300 feet away but on backtrack 5 and Kali Linux it works fine.

What i will try to do is reinstall backbox but not update and see if it works or not just to see if maybe the new kernel might have patched my wireless drivers i know with like the Nokia N900 if you update the Kernel it will make injection not work on that phone so i assume maybe its the same with USB adapters.


Stop the Network-Manager services...  I made a video : How to fix the WASH problem in Backbox 3.13:

Hope that helped :-)