Metasploit with proxy , what I set up on LHOST?

Started by hackme, October 12, 2012, 07:03:17 PM

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Hello sorry for my bad english (I'm Italian)
I would use metasploit with a proxy (software name: proxychains).
But what I have to set on LHOST (LOCAL HOST) if I would test a machine on internet(NO LAN)...
The IP of proxy or my public IP?

Thanks in advance!


scusa ma ragiona un attimo, se metti l'indirizzo del proxy dove vuoi che si fermi la connessione? (ammesso che si stia parlando di una reverse) esistono le bind e altre cose per questi scopi!
una voce libera รจ sempre liberatrice


Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


ok I will try ... tomorrow ... Now I can't ...
I say you if this work !
thanks in advance!