Author Topic: Error creating proxy: The connection is closed (g-io-error-quark, 18)  (Read 1965 times)


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i'm trying to get tor working but this keeps pupping up when i change the config to get tor to work
Error creating proxy: The connection is closed (g-io-error-quark, 18)

can sombody pls help me ?

thank you,
Barrie ;D


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sorry but you have not provided enough information in order for anyone to help you out with this.

keep in mind that we are not sitting next to you and we do not know what config you refer to, how/where have you done changes and what procedure you used etc.

if you replicate your process by providing more info we may be able to help you.

Just looking at the error you provided I can only guess things and my guess would be that the issue sound like permissions/config related. Just a guess since I have no idea about the rest of the bits you pewrfoemed.