Author Topic: How to manualy install Nmap on Backbox (latest version)  (Read 197 times)


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Well, new Backbox v.5.2 is out and that's a great news, but for some reason version on Nmap is still v.7.60, and the latest and actual version is 7.70. I made this quick installation tutorial for everyone who want to have the latest version. Must to say that you already have very nice explanation of how to install on official nmap site anyway here is what you must to do yourself.

1) sudo apt remove nmap (this will remove nmap, ncat, nping and zenmap from Backbox)
2) Download the latest stable release from (you have nmap, ncat, nping, zenmap as RPM, yes we will converted this later, for now download these files, also very important verify the downloaded files, instruction manual for this is on
3) sudo apt install alien
4) sudo alien nmap-7.70-1.x86_64.rpm (and you must to do this conversion for all downloaded RPM's ncat-7.70-1.x86_64.rpm, nping-0.7.70-1.x86_64.rpm and zenmap-7.70-1.noarch.rpm the same way as first)
5) sudo dpkg --install nmap-7.70-1.x86_64.deb (and also other .deb as well the same way)

That's it, now Backbox is on the latest Nmap