Author Topic: How to install Searchsploit database (Exploit Database) on Backbox  (Read 1004 times)


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1. sudo git clone /opt/exploit-database

2. sudo ln -sf /opt/exploit-database/searchsploit /usr/local/bin/searchsploit

3. cp -n /opt/exploit-database/.searchsploit_rc ~/

4. vim ~/.searchsploit_rc put the comment on all lines in Papers section with # (you may also remove-delete entire Papers section if you want)
<Esc> :wq (save the changes and quit)

That's it, updating database is with command
sudo searchsploit -u

Help section
searchsploit -h

Option: If you want to install Database-papers then forgot step 4 and don't do that, but you must install it first.
sudo git clone /opt/exploit-database-papers

Enjoy  ;)