How to remove Sudo function

Started by nubbix, September 14, 2012, 05:49:22 AM

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I find my self a bit annoyed with the hole sudo concept and in the end wished
BackBox would have been without that f... thing..

Anyway, one thing lead to another and now I am sudo free..

Here is how!

If you disable the sudo password for your account, you will seriously compromise the security of your computer. Anyone sitting at your unattended, logged in account will have complete Root access, and remote exploits become much easier for malicious crackers.

PS.. Do not apt-get remove sudo and you will be an a shit load of trouble.

sudo -i

Then we need to enable root by typing this command

sudo passwd root

Choose a password, a strong strong password (toor is just stupid)

PS. If you want to re-disable type sudo passwd -dl root

After enabling the root account, you must change your username group and id number. To do this you must modify the /etc/passwd file. Open the file with a text editor and find your username. By default, the first username you create will have 1000 for its user-id and group number. You’ll have to change it so it looks like this:


save the file and

Shutdown the computer, wait 5 sec

Turn on the computer log in and you are sudo free..

Now it is just fun doing apt-get update rather than sudo apt-get update or even sudo !! if you was so stupid and forgot it in the first place.

Optional fun!!!

If you do not want that annoying (but useful) login box on startup, do this!

Open a Terminal window. Type in sudo visudo. Add the following line to the END of the file (if not at the end it can be nullified by later entries):

<username> ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL

Replace <username> with your user name (without the <>). This is assuming that Ubuntu has created a group with the same name as your user name, which is typical. You can alternately use the group users or any other such group you are in. Just make sure you are in that group. This can be checked by going to System->Administration->Users and Groups



Type in ^x to exit. This should prompt for an option to save the file, type in Y to save.

Log out, log back in. This should now allow you to run the sudo command without being prompted for a password.


Please do not suggest removing the loginbox to others unless you personally are available 24/7 to support the user if they have issues as a result of running a shell as Root, and most of all, do not blame me if you have to re-install your Backbox distro..


nubbix, sorry, but do you know that you are suggesting something totally with no sense? there are users that might follow this instructions!

edit: sorry i've read 3 time and i'm really confused... i can't understand if are you joking?
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


The removal of sudo function  is not a joke


una voce libera è sempre liberatrice



What this does is to change your user to "root" and operate under that.

Which is very stupid and dangerous.


Nubix thank you for share, but i don't think it's good to do something with root privileges, so people don't do something stupid.

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


and what about edit with hex editor /etc/passwd? chown chgrp chmod doesn't exist on bbox? and after all edit visudo? why? 'cause is boring type "sudo"..... (and the first command was sudo -i)
dudes it's a joke!!
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


I think i will remove this topic. Nothing against, just i don't see this like good advice.

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


Why the hell would you remove this topic, should'nt the user them self want to decide to remove the sudo function or not?


Like that you will ask why, lol. You know, hackers like jokes too, not only Linux :).


Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


Just to actually ' help ' with the sudo issue.
If you really hate the sudo command for each tool you wish to tun you can use sudo -s to get a rootshell and work in the sameway as your used to in BackTrack.
Whenever you think you can or can't your right.


Better to run sudo bash or sudo -i , if you are not careful enough you might use capitol letters, then the -S would envoke STDIN rather then root shell.


i'd rather prefer to have a guide on how to remove users like you from their computers ...