Make Backbox Recognize 4GB RAM and Higher

Started by ultra_lazer, March 02, 2012, 08:49:34 PM

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Hi everyone

32-bit operating systems typically recognize only around 3GB RAM. If you have installed more RAM than this, then chances are that BB will not recognize the entire installed RAM. (To check the amount of RAM that is recognized by the OS, type the command free -m or gnome-system-monitor in Terminal.) To add support for the full amount of RAM, you need a Linux kernel that supports PAE (Physical Address Extension). To do this, enter the following commands in Teminal.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-server

Reboot and re-install your graphic drivers such as Nvidia , Ati,, ecc,,,,

Ps: do this only if you have 4GB Ram or higher .

Enjoy the full power of your pc   ;)


Better way is to install the 64-Bit version of BackBox, because programs are still limited to the 32-bit address range (around 3GB) when using PAE. I would only use it when i have no change to reinstall the system. Just my 2 cents.

Good description anyway :)


Good point lads...
but remember that Backbox doesn't need all these memory.....meaningless...
By chance if someone would like run BB on a computer that have over 4G ram, you can just install linux kernel bigmem

Happy Hacking!


but remember that Backbox doesn't need all these memory.....meaningless..

You have to be kidding !!! when i comes to use Cuda or using aircrack or any other password cracking tool, Hell !!! you will realize that every extra Bite will come handy !


Hi ultra_lazer,

1. How many people will use CUDA ?
2. Our dear ostendali spoked about "most of users" without crack needs !
3. If you need speed, sure, that RAM it's what you need.
4. Respect dev deam.

You have rights to say what you think, but find good way to say it.

Keep on good work !

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


I truly did not want to be rood to anyone, sorry if I sounded so, just was surprised of the unswer, . thanks for the reply.