Author Topic: [SOLVED] hdmi problem  (Read 10820 times)


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on: November 12, 2014, 08:08:52 PM
Hi guys!

First of all thank you for the amazing distro!

For a long time I have used Backbox Linux only for pentest. But after upgrading to version 4.0 I decided to use Backbox as an everyday distro.

So about the problem:

I like watching movies online from my laptop (Lenovo u430p) on the TV connected with HDMI. The native resolution on laptop is 1366x768 (it has two video adapters by the word: Intel and Nvidia 730M) and resolution on my TV is 1920x1080. When I connect the HDMI cable it detects both displays and uses the right resolution for them in settings, BUT it looks like the resolution of TV 1920x1080 is used for laptop display too and it is impossible to use laptop display while TV is connected.... If I select in settings Mirror it uses resolution 1024x768 ONLY. So again it is not resolving the problem. How to use different resolutions on both displays like in Windows? I mean you can work comfortable with both displays with native resolutions at the moment without scaling (I have tried to use xrandr but it is not the way).

And the second question is about the sound. When I connect TV, sound is still working from laptop dynamics not TV audio system... How to redirect it to the TV?

Sorry about my English and thank you for your attention.
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Reply #1 on: November 14, 2014, 06:05:43 PM
So guys, you don't have any ideas?


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Reply #2 on: November 15, 2014, 07:36:50 AM
Hi man,

I don't see how most of us can help you. First you need to find user with same PC usage as yours. 2nd you need to learn how to set your hardware with your personal needs etc...

I tested my lap top with second VGA (not HDMI) screen and i don't have issue with screen settings, but i guess that is one more time luck with good hardware and drivers. And about sound: "Make sure your user is in the pulse group, and that the pulse group is in the audio group". Like that you can have more control over your sound.

Search for "Ubuntu 14.04 HDMI screen resolution" and "Ubuntu 14.04 sound control over HDMI" etc...
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Don't ask, read : http://wiki.backbox.org
or just run sudo rm -rf /*