Dell Chromebook 11 Candy - Touchpad and sound

Started by StrategistXIV, October 05, 2015, 05:54:04 PM

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Hello everyone!,

I am kind of new to Linux / Ubuntu based systems (and also to backbox) but I really like the OS so far.
A few weeks ago I bought a Dell Chromebook 11 (Candy 2015 version), but since I installed Backbox I have been having trouble getting my built-in speakers to work and my trackpad.

The output of xinput list --long is in this pastebin:
The speaker output is also not shown as an output device in Pulseaudio:

I hope you guys can help me!

If I am doing something wrong on this forum feel free to let me know.



Hi there,
not sure about the audio which we can maybe have a look at it later but about your touchpad, I guess you need to download googledrives for it. Someone actually wrote a script and automated the solution:

Download the script and try to run (by giving +x to make it executable) on your chromebook, this should download the necessary kernel modules. However, I am not entirely sure if it will work for your model of chromebook but there is no harm trying.

After you ran the script reboot your pc and see how it goes.


Hey! Sorry for the late response! It has been a while!

Last time I got errors while posting so I kind of gave up after a few times.

The script unfortunatly didnt work. (It did run but it didnĀ“t do anything)

I am running Backbox natively though so not via chroot or anything like that.