Backbox on Android?

Started by SaThaRiel, June 05, 2012, 03:32:10 PM

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after rooting and customizing my new Samsung SII i started to feel that i really need some pentesting tools on it. But why just some tools? You maybe able to run a complete linux distro on it.
Browsing through the net i stumbled across which shows a way to have Backtrack (besides others) as distro on your android phone. It should be possible with Backbox too since it is ubuntu based too. Sure the tools have to be recompiled for the ARM architecture.

So maybe some ppl here have experience with it. Or maybe there is also an existing build that can be used?

I know that you really love my idea :D Sitting in a meeting and already start to pentest your customer ;)




You don't think that is too much? Debdroid give support BT, if you want to make BBox ARM image and try out, that will be nice. But i don't see how many people will try or use their phone with some pen test distro, for me it's only marketing thing man.


Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


The idea is not bad at all....time.....


Waiting for Backbox on Android  ;D


 ;) Wait no more !

Backdroid : custom android ROM dedicated to pentest and forensics.

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