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Started by ENB541, May 07, 2012, 12:29:18 PM

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Could anyone plz help me with setting up wifi in Backbox?
I am using a brand new MacBook Pro 13" i5 with a dual boot with OS X and Backbox
wifi works with OS X but backbox does not only way I can use Internet in blackbox is if I plug in does anyone know if there  is anyway to get wifi working to me it seems like my wireless card is not working with backbox but am not sure really what the deal is

Thank you for your time



Hi ENB541, can you give us some other info like chipset of network card, driver installed, kind of network (ad-hoc,wpa,wep,dhcp,macfilter) and what you have done while install bbox?!?!? and don't forget the version 32 or 64 bit!!
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google is the answer.


i suppose you have macbook pro 8.x


anyway, i suggest you to learn linux basis, with a classical distro, then you'll be welcome.



Have you tried WICD first to see if it finds any anything.

Run iwconfig and see what your wireless card is. Then open WICD and go to 'preferences. You should see what wireless card it's configured to use. You'll probably have to change this to what 'iwconfig' has shown as your card.
lf not it's probably easier to get a wifi adapter. Ubuntu will usually recognize most wireless adapters as soon as their plugged in. l use the Alfa 1000 which has excellent range.


if you give some basic command and post the output in order to see what you have maybe we can help you.
otherwise i have enormous doubt that anyone can do that....