Unable to find or create trash directory

Started by Hazen, November 10, 2012, 12:59:34 AM

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Hi there,

well, the title describes my current problem. when I try to delete a file via rightclick-->delete, an errormessage says "Unable to find or create trash directory".
when i do it via bash with 'rm filename' it works, but I'd like to use the graphical way too.
The problem started after I enlarged my casper-rw.
btw the root user doesnt have this problem, it only occurs when logged in as backbox.
Maybe someone can give me any advice on how to fix it!

Any help appreciated,
thanks in advance!


hi hazen, paste your fstab please, error may be in uid e gid...
add this:

una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


etc/fstab only says

overlayfs / overlayfs rw 0 0
tmpfs /tmp tmpfs nosuid,nodev 0 0

Im kind of new to LinuxSystems so could you please be more precise on what to add ? =)


Yes I can, but try to improve your skill, you know, bbox isn't distro for newbie...
You need to know what fstab is, therefore look here [1], and the fs you choose are due from some guide? if yes how?
The uid is:
QuoteUnix-like operating systems identify users within the kernel by an unsigned integer value called a user identifier, often abbreviated to UID or User ID. The range of UID values varies amongst different systems

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fstab
[2] http://man.he.net/?topic=fstab&section=all   << this is man
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


well, challenge accepted, Ill try on my own.
thanks for the links!


Hazen, answer to my questions
the fs you choose are due from some guide? if yes how? Why you choose that FS?
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


no, i dont know what you want...
i just followed the instructions in the backboxwiki on how to enlarge the persistence


from wiki:
QuoteMake the newly created free space an ext4 or ext3 or ext2 partition and label it "casper-rw" without the double quotes. Hit apply changes. So now you have two partitions, the fat32 partition and the ext4 partition called casper-rw. This partition can be of any size and will be responsible for saving your data between boots. You can now boot using the usb drive and any changes you make will remain.
what are your FS? format your usb stick with the appropriate fs please...
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


you  have made a mistake somewhere  Please redo !!!

please supply all info ****

1 ) did you copy over the casper from a windows machine to the ext4 usb ??
2 ) did you test after copying ove the capser or just try to resize the casper after copying it over with gparted ???
3 ) did you mess with the system files after and delete something you shouldnt have ???
Im asking this questions to find out what you did wrong as it is an operator mistake !!!

format your usb to fat32 !!!

then install backbox using unetbootin download the caser i.e 512MB 512MB link

extract the casper-rw and move it over to your usb !!
* TEST IT  then if you want to  increase it further  use gparted !!!

also check the md5 of the iso before doing anything !!! start form the ground up dont miss a step
while it installed always do the right procedure when installing an iso

Download the iso *
check md5 *
install on to usb check it boots and works right before increasing the casper !!!

after trying again and you still have no joy !! use a different USB { process of elimination}
and after that just use this

Live usb install Linux version link
Live usb install Windows version link

an issue like this is not worth thread time as the operator is not trying HARD ENOUGH !!!!