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Started by uher834, December 19, 2013, 09:14:38 PM

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I lost my login password, I have tried the Ubuntu support page which suggests going into grub and goto root and then rename passwd etc...

I tried this and it seemed to go smoothly until I exited and it seemed to accept the new password BUT reverted at the login logo shell?

I'm still able to login as guest but that's about it

This is my first post here and I have to say this is THE best flavour of Linux bar none - thanks to the developers and keep up the good work ;D


welcome to the community....
Sorry but I can't understand what mean "login logo shell"... If you have changed your psw why you can't logging in your account with the new password?
Remember that bbox doesn't have root user, if you can became root then you have to change the user's password
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Sorry login shell I meant the usual enter user name and password fields with logo wallpaper in the background


ok, you mean the graphical login... So above you said that you have changed the password, but what psw did you changed? And why can't you  enter with new psw?
As I said before, change your user's psw and then you are able to logging in with session manager.....
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you can recover any of your password by booting your device with a backbox live version.
mount the / partition where you installed backbox and chroot into the maount point.
that is it, you are on the system shell and you can change any password with passwd command following the username.
quite basic of linux this issue.


...or boot in single user mode from Grub (i don't know if you have already tried this as you said in the first post, but it's really strange it's not working.)
At login screen, try Ctrl+Alt+F1...F6 to switch to one of the textual consoles, and try to login and check from there if your credentials are OK.
Otherwise follow ostendali's way (if you need, follow an how-to about chrooting.)

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