Dual Booting Backbox and Windows 8

Started by 99rock99, January 15, 2013, 12:58:22 AM

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Hello Everyone.
This is the first time I have actually installed a version of Linux on my computer, but I have a pretty good understanding of what to do. I am having problems with the dual booting feature. Both operating systems work for a fact. The problem arises because of the UEFI boot for Windows. If I enable Legacy and set priority booting to UEFI then it boots to windows, if I set it to Legacy then it brings up the GRUB allowing me to select an OS. if I select Backbox then it loads it, however if I select Windows 8 it says that I need to repair my Windows because there is something wrong with the boot sequence. I am wondering what to do. I have attempted to find out how to disable secure booting for windows, but I could not find it. I checked in the BIOS and there was no option to turn it off. When Installing I made 3 partitions for Linux the Swap area, the boot sector area, and the main storage area. I have also read that I should install Linux in UEFI mode, however when the BIOS is in that ode I have no option to boot from a DVD. I am wondering how I could get Windows 8 to boot in legacy mode, which should fix this problem. If you have any possible solutions please share them.

Thank you for your time.


If you have pretty good understanding of what to do then pls do your homework, with 2 steps:
step 1 read the forum disclaimer before posting anything:

step 2, do some search in your own:

step 3
this is a linux forum and free open source software community, nobody cares about windoz and it's uefi....

step 4
think before buying any of pc with windoz....


@Step 3 and @Step 4
Is that the way we wanna help people?
By the way most of the modern non OS X PC's and notebooks are preinstalled with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.
Regardless if we prefer or like Windows we should help any user (users with strong business/enterprise skills or not).
Thanks for your attention.  ;)


Hi chr1skol1,
I quote ostendali. it seems you landed in the wrong place to talk about Weirdows.  We know most PCs come with Win installed, but that's not the point.
Just to point out our spirit: No, we are not obligated and we don't want to help any user regardlessly (even if most of the times we do  :)).
If a user needs help, or wants to contribute to helping others, he will choose a community based/oriented OS, like a GNU/Linux distro. He shouldn't run a proprietary OS, or if he does, he cannot expect community support, since there is no free knowledge sharing idea behind proprietary software.
If a user has problems with Windows OS and related stuffs, or is wondering how to make BackBox and Win compatible in a better way (as in your case), that's not a problem of ours, also if we will give him some suggestions. This is up to you, and if you don't find a solution and have to choose between the two, this is a choice of yours, and it depends on what is your idea about hacking and free knowledge.
That's all! This is our ethic.  ;)

To stay on the topic, follow ostendali's link. Also there are lots of threads around on the web.
...and wellcome to BackBox.
bool secure = check_paranoia() ? true : false;


Yeah but some people still need windows for certain programs. And for stealth for me it's more convenient and less suspicious when I just boot from my USB. Btw you will have to switch between legacy and eufi. Legacy when you want to use backbox, UEFI when you want to use windos. Maybe there is a fix but that's how I do it.