Dual Boot OS X With Backbox

Started by Mustillo, October 20, 2013, 06:17:25 AM

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Hello Guys,

I've been running Backbox in Virtualbox for a while now, testing various security problems in my Network, but I would like to dual boot OS X and Backbox, is this possible via Bootcamp or something similar?

Thanks You,



Hi, Mustillo

I don't now if BackBox support rEFI mode. OSX is installed in rEFI. You can make a quick search on google to know more about EFI if you want, but I ll explain it pretty fast here, EFI is a small partition between the BIOS and the boot partition, like the MBR.

When you install an OS its EFI or legacy mode (with the MBR). To be honest with you, I suggest you to keep using it in a VM. Because even if you find a way to install in dual boot, it will not work to of the box, and I think this is the same if you decide to install ubuntu in dual boot with a Mac, you will have to find the right driver.

You can do what I did, buy VMware Fusion for Mac :D
This is the way I install and using backbox

Good luck and let us know


you can install backbox in your macbook using rEFIt ....