Started by weVeg, September 09, 2013, 07:32:52 PM

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Hi devel, someone could check the script "Update" inside menu, after the last upgrade something change and now the launcher need to be improved.
Launching that on terminal (even by menu), the answer is :
sudo backbox-update                                                
usage: backbox-update [-h] [-v] [-l] [-a] [-g] [-t TOOL] type
backbox-update: error: too few arguments

Also, speaking about, someone can explain difference between "minimal" and "desktop" please?
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Hi weVeg true... looking around i think menu entry aren't synchronized with the .desktop file.
In /usr/share/applications/backbox-update.desktop there is:
Exec=sh -c "sudo backbox-update desktop; ${SHELL:-bash}"
that is the nice one, while in the main menu it's:
Exec=sh -c "sudo backbox-update; ${SHELL:-bash}"

To fix: MENU -> Settings -> Main Menu select the Update menu entry of the menu and click Properties and in the Command field put:
sh -c "sudo backbox-update desktop; ${SHELL:-bash}"

Also looking in apt-cache there are a sort of two meta-packages that provide tools for the distro: backbox-desktop which installs all tools, like the ones with GUI interface, and the more lightweight backbox-minimal which installs just CLI tools.
So the menu entry didn't get updated with the desktop parameter, that is the default for most installations.

Edit: If someone is interested, the .desktop file that affects the Update menu entry behaviour is not in the global directory in /usr/share/applications/ but in $HOME/.local/share/applications/. So the same result as above can be obtained editing this file in the field Exec=

See you! ;)
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great!! thanks a lot b4d_bl0ck! Ever helpful!!
See you bro!! =)
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


Good "tip" b4d_bl0ck, thanks ! :o

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*