BackBox 1 booting theme, where I can get that?

Started by laika, October 02, 2013, 01:41:25 PM

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I do run BackBox 1 and while the OS is botting it appears a very nice theme, black bacground with a smal cube followed from BackBox Linux Penetrating Testing Distribution centered by the black background.

Where I can find that?

I surfed internet looking for both theme and wallpaper without any luck!

Is there a chance to get from my installation?

Is there anyone or by BackBox archive that theme?

Thanks a lot in advance!



Hi laika,
if you see them, they must be somewhere in the filesystem... if you can search for them in the old installation that would be a nice thing, otherwise you can hope if one of the distro maintainers has a backup of the old themes and maybe will answer here and post those files to you.

Happy customizing!
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What part of "i'm lazy" you don't understand? This is your 2nd topic on same subject :

Do i need to say more ?

Every updated system have new look when time comes for doing that. And i don't see what part of "that theme was used by NON supported BackBox version" you don't understand ?!

And if you search around i think that for start you can get old wallpaper here:

This is NON supported repository, I will say that one more time.

To get orange folders Settigs>Settings Manager>Appearance>Icons>Humanity (do you need me to come to your place and click on it).

And you will have what you need !

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*