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Started by Hunter, April 11, 2015, 09:21:42 PM

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Hallo to all Backbox forum,
I'm a new entry and I would like to submit first a question. I use to browse the web with Firefox as the most people I think they do, but despite the efforts to solve the privacy problems related to the web tracking, I can't still avoid to be watched for many occult agencies, associated to the most famous companies that works on internet, as Facebook, ebay, youtube, and so on. You can notice this secrets activities also by yourself watching tools as Etherape when you enter in one of these sites. One of the solution I thought should be delete all the SSL certificates, but on this way the legal log in would be denied. So I was wondering if there are other methods to surf perfectly anonymous, without using proxy or even Vpn tunnelling.


No, no and no, but keep us posted if you find some solution on this field. For now, use Tor.

Don't ask, read : http://wiki.backbox.org
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


Hi Hunter, the only thing that I can suggest you is to use some distro like freepto or tail (a simple google search give you the link) but you always have to use VPN + TOR (or any other similar) , install plugins for FF that help you hardening your browser and be smart...
They watching you, that's sure, make their works hard! ;)
una voce libera รจ sempre liberatrice


I was using Back box last year and now I got Kali.  What I fear most is that with SSL trusted company as Verysign, Comodo, Geocerts etc, can recognize and watch us watching our browser and not only, and I guess they do constantly, just there is not the evidence. It's not a case that after the development of the SSL project hackers and hacking distro has increased significantly, creating a culture project diverted and transhumanised. Hackers enjoy spying while unaware of being spied in turn, and in this there would not even really no objection.
So to increase the power of surveillance, it seems obvious and necessary to ensure that communities increase hackers, who are easily exploits and buggy servers that can also put to the test and create for ourselves a name in our circle.
Is it not so?