TOR may not protect you from NSA

Started by nixguy, May 21, 2014, 04:36:18 PM

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it's an article about how TOR may not protect you from NSA

found it interesting and thought i share.

share you thoughts



Hi nixguys, thanks for sharing!!
That's true, tor doesn't mean 100% secure and anon. Tor should be evaluated as a part of your behaviour and used with other tool and most important knowledge/brain could give you a good protection but, as reported, "If hackers and government agencies want you, they will get you", what reported is nothing news and all is well know!
btw information isn't enough, ever!
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


Tor was deployed by US navy and today is the first that make a donation...
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


luckily I'd say .. the network is a powerful tool ,n s a are the same ones that protect you from the bad ,
I get the feeling that the network is created to be able to enter the homes of the people and to better control them ,is the most 'powerful virus ever created..
maybe they should learn to erase the traces first instead of how to penetrate networks ,Do not use browser-known, perhaps best use browser command line ? ,the ideal would be to create their own programs maybe you can create a own network server not known, modify certificates protocol or create something new , use hardware that is not registered ,I think it is too well known that program they will have a powerful computer system that monitors those networks very well..probably can exclude cut out as if it were an antivirus or firewall .indeed could be a honey  pot if it was programmed by the U.S. government;  of course if you have a contract with a service provider becomes very difficult not to be found.
of course we always talk about testing permits
you can do it only if you are kevin mitnick..perhaps neither now because he will be'controlled by any secret service in the world , that life interesting...
a limit i'm controlled by a neighbor of home because as you know is never do the xxxxx its )


i read know it gave warning about not been posted in for at least 120 days :D but i thought its important...
last year i was search politics web site on maltego :D damm i found many information like mails IPS... after i ping them.. what a pity?? i was exciting i thought i found something.i found the company which domains to politician web site...  i found their ips and i ping them too...
i use government co-operations companies internet :D its is the biggest company also its cheap. 10 euros for 25m limitless internet per month... but i want just use tor.i thought i was safe. but they found me :D next they... too fast... i was shocked... next day... :D i learned tor show always same directions :D if someone like big network companies government they know where the have to search us... also i learned the main host ,main company i paid for internet they also logged me... this point they found me next they... :D the  ISP logged which IPS i am going on... they know my exit point and enter points... i tried many things after that. i didnt find to hide my ass... i heard something like zombie machine... also brigdes... i dont know.. i use whonix it was good..then i hide my ass but not all over :D also tails is good. they can find me but if there is no machine the law protect us :D also i used backbox anonymous tools its looks good.but i dont know we are in safe?? why we cant make safe and secure distros?? i am glad to use backbox its simple fast aslo have got big helpfull community....


First you need to start to write as educated people. I don't say nothing about spelling. Just respect small and big letters. Like that you will show that you are not lazy etc. Tor is what it is, best way around to protect your privacy, and not to protect you against your country lows. Tor IP's list is public, and if your ISP log every user using it, that have nothing to do with 3 levels of Tor encrypted network, Tor didn't failed, you did. You didn't use hard disk encryption or you didn't hide bootable stick into your a.. .Yes, hacking can be that hard. And think why we have public WiFi spots and cyber parks, to be used.

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


You should connect to vpn and then enter in tor networks....
una voce libera è sempre liberatrice


Very poor grammar in the article. Other than that....revelation.


Well, give the poor kidd a break  ;D

He actually is trying to warn people. Although I will give you gents right, It's almost hard to read but WHO cares just because he lacks English skills and hack skills :o he still found a target big enough for them to care about  :P ;D :D.


I agree. With the new securities measures I think there's almost nothing you can do to surf web anonymously. Internet of 90's years was still in testing and there was easy to be almost completely anonymous finding the access to servers dangerously exposed.