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Started by z3ntweak, August 02, 2015, 06:41:43 PM

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Ubuntu has tracking software the I have found on some distros. BB is no exception. I found them on this distro. Here is how you can tell:
$ dpkg -l | grep zeit
"This will tell you which zeitgeist packages are installed"
"Then you run the command to remove what is listed there"
$ sudo apt-get purge libzenitgeist-1.0.1 python-zenitgest python-zeitgeist-core
"The version number may be different just put in the number that you get when you do your grep list.
"You can also run the auto remove"
$sudo aot-get --purge autoremove

"After I'm done I run the grep command one more time to make sure that it is clean.



Thanks for info. Will be checked.


Installed but not activated. If you check you will not find any "Privacy" settings in BBox menu. Anyway you can remove it if you have any doubts.

You can check with service --status-all. Old chkconfig command is not in use anymore because security issues.

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


Hi z3ntweak,
thanx for your info! I've checked and seems you're right! [1], but seems that zeitgeist log the preferences and the activity just for managing the statistic and for rapid access to the info, I've not found any info about privacy breach! There is, anyways, some lost of resource and zeitgeist can consume cpu and rams, so stopping the demon could speed up your system. This [2] link show you how to stop the record without lose the info and how to speed up the system!
Also debian has the same tracker [3], removed on both systems!
Thanx again I'll share the info!

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Also, the dock app called cairo-dock and docky (and maybe others too?) reinstalls all this crap back into your system....

EDIT: Just reinstalled BB and installed a fresh one from 4.3..... when running the dpkg -l | grep zeit command nothing comes up! I did have a dock installed in my previous BB installation so I think by default BB doesn't have this pre-installed! Don't install crapware like docky and cairo-dock is all I can advise.
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