Metasploit Video Course !01

Started by ghostdog, December 28, 2010, 09:11:53 PM

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Hi There
Ciao Tutti

Condivido con voi un video corso di Metasploit Framework Che comprende :
I would like to share with you  Metasploit 101 video course that contains:

    - auxiliary portscan
    - auxiliary smb version
    - auxiliary smb login check

    - hacking xp sp3(bind)
    - hacking xp sp3(reverse)
    - hacking xp sp3(vncinject)

    - make a backdoor : linux/x86
    - make a backdoor (
    - encode a backdoor
    - encode a backdoor (
    - make and encode a backdoor (with metasploit and sniff email u/p)
    - script (backdoors for win32 linux osx) 

    - meterpreter commands
    - Meterpreter (screensht and key_scan)
    - meterpreter packet's sniffing
    - meterpreter metscv

    - autopwn
    - browser autopwn
    - file autopwn
    - java signed applet
    - fake update msf and ettercap
    - discovering and exploiting remote buffer overflow
    - discovering and exploiting remote buffer overflow (egg-hunter)

PASSWORD : pentest101

&&& I hope you make the best out of it and dont cause any harm.
&&& Spero possa essere molto utile per voi e non causate danni.

Happy Hacking