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Started by rabbit, December 20, 2012, 09:37:05 PM

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Backbox Team && Community,

I consider myself a novice in computer network exploitation. I just wanted to thank you for making an excellent pentest distribution for Linux. I recently became extremely frustrated in the quality and direction of the Backtrack series so I started looking for a more reliable alternative. I am extremely happy with my decision and I must say I am quite impressed. One of the main things that really attracted to me to Backbox was the seamless integration with the native hardware on my computer. Additionally it functions as a great day to day operating system. You guys have replaced my work computer operating system. Keep up the good work. Also the community seems really nice and I can't wait to contribute.  ;D



welcome to our community!
our potential strength comes from you guys end users, from the community, because we are a community...

happy that you find yourself comfortable with backbox, and you are already contributing it by giving us your feedback.

stay tuned and happy hacking!


I also want to thank the backbox developers & community very much for creating a wonderful distro. I used it the other day for a course for sysadmins, and I like it for the user experience and the updating functionality. I blogged about it, and the last part of this week's lab called "Break Your Own Device" will be uploaded this week to



I actually used your post-install guide on your blog, it was great and very helpful. I look forward to reading some more of your work !


Hi my names CleanZombie,
Thanks for the dist and I hope you keep knocking em out for years to come!



welcome to the wonderful world of backbox CleanZombie!


hi chaps!

I'm amazed, this distro is wonderful, 10 years on Debian and testing other distributions beside, recently I was looking for a pentest distro and of course the first one that came up in my mind was Backtrack, after many install, test, i was finally disappointed, same feeling with Matriux.

Here guys you did a great job, i use BB every day and proud to talk around about it. I found MY Linux Community

for information BB is working perfectly with Lenovo Thinkpad T530 - intel Wifi N-2200.

Thanks !


Hi rabbit,

Just welcome and have fun learning day after day. And we are community that help people giving them stable pentesters distro.

Cheers !

Don't ask, read :
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