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Started by mobear420, July 08, 2016, 07:29:45 PM

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Hello everyone, I am new to backbox linux & for that matter new to linux in general. I have been an avid user of windows for a very long time & avoiding getting involved with setting up & actively using linux for a long time but with the push to download & install windows 10 basically forced upon a user I have decided to embark on learning at least more than 1 flavor of linux. I started out by installing Robolinux & stumbled upon BackBox which seemed to be even more light but powerful linux so I got sidetracked into installing BackBox. 

I just wanted to start out by writing here in the General Discussion introducing myself. My real name is Thom Dickey aka mobear410 & mobear420. I have been actively using computers since D.O.S. 3 was released. I am a 63 year old disabled Vietnam veteran fascinated by computers, various software and tech gadgets. I think of myself as a computer/internet junkie as I have always got a "high" from using a computer & the internet from the first time AOL started freely distributing the software. I was networking way before the internet was introduced to the public using private BBS systems. I do not know everything which is what is (to me) so wonderful because no one can know it all.  I think this opens a dialog with fellow computer users and welcome getting public as well as private messages from anyone. I love to discuss all things pertaining to past, present & future topics related to computers, internet and gadgets. I know mostly about windows. I have dabbled with virtural systems and deeply involved with web design. I have only very recently began teaching myself linux and I know I have a great deal to learn before I can really begin to use it to a small portion of what it is capable of and look forward to the journey down the many paths related.

Here's hoping that you are having a great day considering the shape of the world. In the meantime onward & upward.  :)
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Hi Thom,

There is first time for everything :), and age is not issue if you like to learn.

Welcome and happy hacking.

Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


Welcome Thom,
knowledge does not have age so it doesn't really matter what age you are. What matter is your passion and curiosity which pushes you towards to something that you want to gain knowledge on it. From what i read in your post this is your case ;)

Linux is far and much easier than one will think, whatever you know about windows you need to wipe it down completely and that will make much easier for you to start.

Even though BackBox is a penetration testing Linux OS, lots of people are using as daily basis desktop system or a combination of both (security and desktop). therefore you are fine to start with BackBox.

I don't think in the very beginning you will have any difficulty and you will ask many question, the installation is straight forward for logic minded people and you seem to be that kind of person.

Once you start to get curious about the security and the usage of tools you may start asking your questions here. You will find always someone to help you here, ZEROF at first place ;D

Welcome again and make yourself feel home while you need any assistance.

Happy hacking!