Started by Fross, December 21, 2010, 01:24:53 AM

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Hello everyone,

I found this disto on accident well looking up stuff on backtrack. I really like the look of the interface as well as the 10.04 base. At the moment I am having a hard time downloading the ISO, there are three seeders and I am getting 7kbps.

I have used Linux for several years and I am pretty good with using it, but I have very limited programming skills. I would like to help this project as best as I can, and the best i can offer is to distribute the ISO. I have two servers, one with 100mb and another with 1gb connections. I am willing to host your ISO indefinitely if it would help the project. Let me know I will be idle in the irc channel.


Hi and welcome to Backbox comunity, we appreciate anything you can contribute with, you dont have to be a geek
to fit in here, just to let you know that there are 2 different mirrors to download from, you dont have to stick to torrents.
anyway, hope to see you around and maybe on Irc too.
take care


Thanks for the reply GD. I really thought that i had downloaded the torrent from the mirror #1 site but I just tried it again and got the .iso I am excited to get this installed on my testing machine.

I will still keep the file uploading from my servers to speed up the torrent download, and I will be idled in the IRC chan.


Hello Fros, we accept your help... The new release is coming soon, I hope can be hosted on your server.
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