Great Distro apart from one thing

Started by Hazzard121, June 07, 2018, 04:32:03 AM

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Hi been using Backbox for a while now and made a few donations as I do like using it and learning while doing so

However any time im introducing anyone new to it am always asked why the install menu is in all different languages? I mean cool cool its used by people who dont just speak english but why does that need to be conveyed to Backboxes users on the main install menu? it confuses people trying to install it and I dont want to say strong words so will just use (silly)

I mean sure Its a unique disro and not a bin like some distro are so why does the main install menu need to be like this?? and do a google of the letters and trying to find some sort of info on what install does what and all you get is   and this explains nothing :P even the wiki is not clear on what option does what :P ( US IT FR ES) ???????????????????????

I know its a small thing to people who are used to it and use Backbox but to anyone new and myself still its pointless and annoying.

Sorry for the negative guys but this is the only one thing that gets to me and anyone I introduce to Backbox.

Just keep in mind guys we may not be as popular as kali but with this kind of thing its better to be low key and not something that a business like kali is and that whole Microsoft relationship and like 200 different builds not to mention nethunter with everyone lil added back-door and telemetry info built into builds.

Anyways stay safe all :)


Hi @anton_gorodetsky thnx for the reply :)

However  what part of

US - English
DE - Germany
ES - Spain
FR - France
IT - Italy

explains or indicates anything  related to the the install menu of Backbox?? and sure can wait until auto boots but how does this help anyone looking to install one of the different ways in the menu? and as said to people who are used to using Backbox its second nature knowing what each different country prefix does? :P

Sorry if this sounds rude its not meant to but the fact you dont see anything about this as a problem is your personal opinion as you know backbox and does not help anyone who is starting to use it. I dont mind it much its more everyone I try get into using backbox. Most ask me what kind of joke this is and what option does what :P

I hope you can understand what am saying as this is a problem for anyone who dont speak different language and new to backbox. and again what has country name prefix got to do with the advanced/custom ways to install backbox? Please think about it in terms of new users to bacbbox and by new users I dont mean to Linux I mean to backbox, new users who are treated to country prefix in different language with no documentation what so ever explaining what this is all about :P

Sorry if this sounds rude and again thnx for the reply :)


Hi @anton_gorodetsky I was not understand why you could not understand but I think ive totally misread the purpose of the menu :P its not different install options like live persistence etc is it? its to chose a different language??

Sorry if this is the case and its only the language thats changed by taking different option then it makes perfect seance.  I honestly thought it was different install methods.   God sorry mate and thnx for your patience with me. I am so dumb at times.