do i have a virus?

Started by e11iott, February 20, 2015, 04:05:53 AM

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hi guys got a weird problem... i dual boot to a backbox and also have xp offline on a separate partition and i have a folder that will not delete. it's possible it was created while using backbox to wipe free space i have no other idea why a folder with random characters appears that freezes any os that trys to remove it. >:\

tried to remove from prompt:
find . -inum 181818 -exec rm -i {} \;

tried deleting from windows = crash
tried deleting as root linux = computer freeze

any ideas?
should i be worried?

not used to linux not doing what i tell it too!  thanks for any help would like to avoid formats if possible but not sure if this should be ignored? the xp is a fresh install and has never been online so i am sure this is linux related anyway. its on a hd i use daily but is separate from the linux hd.. its on its own new hd actually so pretty sure not hardware related.. so basically i cannot touch this folder without my computer freaking the fuck out making me restart from freezing.


i guess sometimes try the simple thing first

i went to "move to trash" instead of delete and it deleted... sorry for this post but if someone thinks i got a virus would still be interested it still is keeping my pc loading over time for no damn reason when empty trash? >:\ hopefully will stop after roboting i unmounted the hd and still freezing got an error closing it and see nothing going on unusual in my tasks....


Hi! Do You can see any info about that folder? Who is the owner, who and when it was created? and permission?
You can use chkrootkit or if you think there is a virus try clamav which is AV for linux, both are in our repos!
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