Backbox Linux cannot see partitions then i cannot dualboot with windows10

Started by yvan, September 14, 2016, 07:32:49 PM

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Hi , I am a young passionate moment there are computer I am facing a linux installation problem with windows ( DualBoot ) I used both in dualboot before and now after my machine had a disk formatting problem I redécider hard to make another dualboot always backbox with linux . But now I have partitioned my drive and I booked a partition for linux while installing linux backbox not see That a single disk partition and not here I come more to do I 'm currently in the process of turning on Windows 10 . What I want now is that you help me to do I did the Forums round and I found something here: and I do not understand it there's a total désodre . Forum discusses explains exactly my problem thank you getter a look . thank you ??? ???


Hello, I try to install Bacbox linux in dualboot with windows 10 after partitionate all the disk drive i allocated a partition for linux like the vidéo show me . but when i arrived to the partition table on Backbox during installation i have only one disk visible, i'm not see the partition of windows10. please help me thank.


Don't ask, read :
or just run sudo rm -rf /*


I don't use windows anymore either, but from what i remember when i was dual or triple booting...

You need to partition ahead of time, windows will always want uefi in front, no funny stuff like uefi on 2nd or 3rd drive, windows will want to be in front of everything else, and windows usually wants create c:\ drive itself from empty space. Its kind of a diva like that. Also, sometimes windows will just break your bootloader when it updates itself - with no way to prevent it. The simplest, and least technical, fix was just booting a live iso and updating grub.
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